The Big Four in Marketing Communications

By George M Callanan, Jr., President There are many elements and considerations that go into a great  advertising campaign. The professional who develops the campaign has  to think in terms of the “Big Four,” which are: the offer, the  delivery [...]

Results: Achieving Sales for the Client

When you partner with an advertising agency, the most important thing they can provide is a return on your investment. This means sales, not hits, or unique visitors from your website. Prospect interest and leads are good. Sales are great. [...]

Websites that act like the Supreme Critics

There are numerous websites where a few people become mystery patrons who visit a retail establishment and grade the business based on their experiences. These Supreme Critics grade restaurants, golf courses, new movies, books— you name it. They become the [...]

Prospects more important than customers?

Whatever happened to rewarding customer loyalty? Nowadays, it doesn’t seem like companies care about the customers they already have. Instead, they make an offer to prospective customers that’s better than what existing customers get. That seems fair, right? Since when [...]


Why Customer SERVICE Requires Talking to a Person It’s happened to all of us. You have a problem that you need to have resolved quickly. So you call your service provider— whether it’s your cell phone or satellite radio provider. [...]