Prospects more important than customers?

Whatever happened to rewarding customer loyalty? Nowadays, it doesn’t seem like companies care about the customers they already have. Instead, they make an offer to prospective customers that’s better than what existing customers get. That seems fair, right? Since when are existing customers treated like second-class citizens?

What makes it worse is that if an existing customer finds out about the special offer for new customers, he is told that the great deal is only for new customers. Brilliant. Now the existing customer is thinking about becoming a new customer somewhere else. They are not important enough to keep.

Wake up! There should be deals to keep loyal customers loyal. If a company is not loyal to its loyal customers, they don’t understand business.

In fact, 80% of new business comes from existing customers every year.

If your customer does not matter, go ahead and offer prospects a better deal. Let’s see how loyal they are to you.

George Callanan
President, CMG Advertising

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