Websites that act like the Supreme Critics

There are numerous websites where a few people become mystery patrons who visit a retail establishment and grade the business based on their experiences.

These Supreme Critics grade restaurants, golf courses, new movies, books— you name it. They become the Gospel. If they say it’s bad, it’s bad. The visitor reads their critique and believes what they say.

So, are you going to take the word of someone you do not know? What are their credentials? Isn’t it possible they caught that restaurant on an off day? Keep in mind that the main purpose of their website is to make money through advertisements on their site.

If the website has the opinions of at least 250 persons all saying the same thing, then we have a trend. Not just one or two people who think that their evaluation is the final word.

In the case of a site that critiques restaurants, let’s say they stop by on a night when they are very crowded, overbooked and pushed to the limit. The restaurant receives a poor grade from the mystery critic. That leaves no room for mistakes, and that bad review could damage your business. All your hard work in building a business could be seriously hurt by the opinion of one critic.

Who is working harder? The restaurant owner and staff who have spent years building the business? Or the critic who sets up a website and reigns supreme by judging that business?

Do yourself a favor and try that restaurant, or see that movie, or read that book or play that golf course yourself. You be the judge and evaluate that business for yourself. Don’t take the word of some website critic who may have their own agenda.

George Callanan

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