Results: Achieving Sales for the Client

When you partner with an advertising agency, the most important thing they can provide is a return on your investment. This means sales, not hits, or unique visitors from your website. Prospect interest and leads are good. Sales are great. They are the lifeblood of any business.

Creative Marketing Group (CMG) has numerous examples of clients who got results in 2011. A law firm that promotes to senior citizens ran five small fractional ads on consecutive days in the Lancaster newspaper for a free seminar and had 40 prospects sign up and converted one-third to new clients.

CMG helped two charities in 2011. In each of these examples, direct mail was utilized, incorporating a well-written letter accompanied by a donation card, which was sent to a good list. One list of approximately 1,250 prospects generated $60,000 in donations for a hospital to provide scholarship for aspiring nursing students. Another list of 5,000 parishioners of Catholic churches generated more than $17,000 in scholarship funds for kids who could not afford the full tuition for Catholic school from kindergarten to eighth grade.

CMG has helped an entertainment account increase event attendance in a holiday season by more than 400 percent in a 10-year period. A combination of point-of-sale brochures, radio and a website has been the three-prong media program that has increased attendance for 11 of 12 years with the only reason the one-year declined was because of an excessive amount of inclement weather.

Another client CMG represents has increased sales from $400 million to $3.2 billion over the 14-year period. Sales have increased approximately 57 percent each year. Business-to-business magazines, trade shows, printed sales literature as leave-behinds, buyers guides and websites, along with the client’s aggressive sales force, have led to outstanding results year after year.

These are a few examples of how we can partner with clients, work together on well-thought-out strategies and ring the cash register!

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