Why Customer SERVICE Requires Talking to a Person

It’s happened to all of us. You have a problem that you need to have resolved quickly. So you call your service provider— whether it’s your cell phone or satellite radio provider. Instead of getting a quick answer or resolution, you go through the hassle of listening to an automated system that guides you through a long, complicated process of button pushing to find what you need. “If you wish to… press 7” followed by “If your call relates to… press 23.” Or maybe it’s the inconvenience of an automated voice system that doesn’t respond properly to your voice commands. You say “internet services” and the voice responds with “integrated sequins.” Not only are these automated customer service systems tedious, time-consuming and inconvenient, they ultimately send a message to a customer that they are not valued.

How many times have you just hung up the phone in frustration? A customer has been lost simply by the lack of responsiveness and inconsiderate customer service. This is not service.

In contrast, what is your reaction when the pleasant voice of a real person answers your call, and swiftly and politely guides you to the person you need to talk to? It is a refreshing change that defines the term “customer service.” Attention is given to the customer and service is provided to that valued customer.

Many times companies install automated technology to handle their customer service calls. There is often the misperception that this is a money-saving option. But what about the customer who hangs up in frustration? What about the customer who gets so irritated that he or she switches to another company? What about the customer who goes to a competitor who offers real customer service? Not complicated service?

Without customers, where would your business be? Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Make sure they know they are valued. Make it easy to resolve issues. Make sure an automated system intended to save money doesn’t cost you money in lost customers. Remember that the key words in Customer Service are Customer and Service.

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