Creativity is what makes your ad or brochure or web site stand out from the crowd. Yet, creativity means nothing unless it gets the message across clearly and in a compelling way. From mountain climbers leaping across sunset cliffs to spotted jaguars speeding across golden grasslands, we focus on creative ideas that tell your story and sell your product in a memorable way. And that’s the CMG Solution.

The Strategy: Position Sunoco Chemicals’ chemical division as being as strong as the oil division.

The CMG Solution: Juxtapose a modern image of the chemical towers against an early photograph of the oil business.

The Strategy: Reinforce the Brenntag brand as a leader in the chemical industry, while fostering a positive outlook on the economy.

The CMG Solution: No test tubes or beakers. Utilize an upbeat, literally “sunny” image to focus on the positive.

The Strategy: Position High Steel Structures as the expert in transporting even the largest steel beams and frames to their destination.
The CMG Solution: A stand-out, multi-fold mailer that demonstrates High Steel’s capabilities in a big way.

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