Cost Efficiency

The CMG Solution not only produces high-impact, creative marketing, but it provides effective results in a cost-efficient way. Since the client is part of the process right from the start, less time is wasted and ideas are on-track from the beginning. We also save you money by providing concepts before we go to design and layout. Your initial input is transformed by our brainstorming, and the end result is highly effective advertising that works for you.

The Strategy: Position Sunoco Chemicals as a company that is dedicating itself to chemical intermediates.

The CMG Solution: A brilliantly composed ad that uses the latest technology to blend the Philadelphia skyline with a Sunoco rig heading downstream on the Delaware.

The Strategy: Brenntag customers always matter, whether they have large orders or small orders.

The CMG Solution: Emphasize Brenntag’s flexibility and attention to customer needs by showing that big orders are no big deal and small orders are still a big deal.


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